Answers to Prayer!

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Written by Abby Anderson Prayer board In May 2012 we decided that we needed to be intentional with our prayer and to pray for the specific needs that we were seeing on the revitalization project.  So as a construction team we spent a Saturday morning creating the prayer list and writing it on [...]

Happenings at the Dam

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From the blog of Abby Anderson Filter beds built and plastered So much is happening so fast I can hardly keep up with it!  Here is a whirlwind update on the Dam/reservoir over the last month. 1. We have built 2 new filter beds 2. The filter bed interiors have been plastered and [...]

Serving with Rock Church at Egbe

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Written by Dr. Karen Thompson Dr. Thompson (center front) with Rock Church team Recently, my fiance and I had the privilege of partnering with a group from Rockford, Illinois to go on a mission trip to Egbe, Nigeria.  The Rock Church, from Rockford, Illinois, invited us to join them for a short mission [...]

Foundation and Rubble Removal

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Written by Abby Anderson Abby working alongside the volunteers and crew The work is intense but the local community doesn’t shy away one bit as they continue to come to our assistance and volunteer in large numbers to move rubble weekly.  After 5 days of jackhammering concrete, the foundation of the Outpatient Department is finally being removed bit [...]

History in the Making

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By Abby Anderson Chiefs and pastors celebrating monumental event History was made at ECWA Hospital Egbe Saturday October 20, 2012 when all 8 local village chiefs along with over 500 community volunteers arrived to show their support of the revitalization of ECWA Hospital Egbe as they participated in taking down the walls of the Old Outpatient [...]

HIV+/AIDS Victims Ministered to in Christ’s Love at Spring of Life, Egbe, Nigeria

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Written by Marty Johnson Spring of Life Pastor and Nurse I returned recently from a life-changing trip to ECWA Hospital Egbe in Nigeria.  Some of my most impactful experiences involved the Spring of Life ministry that reaches out to HIV+ and AIDS victims and their families.  I learned of the devastation this disease [...]

Temporary Outpatient Department Move

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From the files of Abby Anderson Maintenance man Rick works with staff to supervise moves The temporary Outpatient Department was completed and the OPD was moved into its new space over the course of about 5 days.  The planning, preparation and construction was exhausting and the actual move was very intimidating, but when [...]

Working together on the OPD Demolition

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From the files of Rick Bradford Drummers leading the way It became such an exciting day today...our morning started with drummers leading 200 boys along the mission road for 1 mile to come and cut grass with machettees. They spent one hour before breakfast to do this volunteer task since this was the [...]