From the files of Rick Bradford

Drummers leading the way

It became such an exciting day today…our morning started with drummers leading 200 boys along the mission road for 1 mile to come and cut grass with machettees. They spent one hour before breakfast to do this volunteer task since this was the Kogi State boys brigade weekend retreat where 320 boys from all over the state came together.

After the boys left for breakfast the community concern group and ECWA church people came to work as volunteers on the old OPD building at the hospital. There was over 300 people who came –

Everybody working together

young and old – to help in whatever way possible; moving construction material, tree limbs and lumber, and also smashing more concrete. There was such a mass of people working together, carrying things on their heads and in wheelbarrels.

This was a great example of unity in the community. We spoke to the group after, and praised the Lord.

There is such a sense of excitement in the air.  God is good!  

Workers from the community and local churches