By Abby Anderson

Chiefs and pastors celebrating monumental event

History was made at ECWA Hospital Egbe Saturday October 20, 2012 when all 8 local village chiefs along with over 500 community volunteers arrived to show their support of the revitalization of ECWA Hospital Egbe as they participated in taking down the walls of the Old Outpatient Department.  It was a Nigerian style celebration with drums, singing and dancing AND of course A LOT of work!   The walls are coming down, literally at the hospital as well as in the community as people come together for a common goal and purpose in Christ. It is incredible to see and experience and we give God the Glory for reuniting this community.

God continues to blow our expectations out of the water daily…no one could have ever dreamed up or imagined what is happening here and so it confirms to us that we KNOW without a doubt that God is HERE in our midst in Egbe!

Ready for the walls to come down