Written by Abby Anderson

Abby working alongside the volunteers and crew

The work is intense but the local community doesn’t shy away one bit as they continue to come to our assistance and volunteer in large numbers to move rubble weekly.  After 5 days of jackhammering concrete, the foundation of the Outpatient Department is finally being removed bit by bit. The progress is incredible and I have enjoyed working side by side with the locals and letting them teach me how to carry my bucket of concrete on my head. I have seriously carried many more loads on my head than I could ever do with my arms. Everyone greets me, smiling and laughing as I try everything from the sledgehammer and the headpans, to the drums, to the Nigerian shuffle! 

Carrying away the rubble; some of which will be used to fix the roads

It is so much fun but the greatest thing is to see the joy, real and true joy in their faces as we work together. The people of Egbe paint a beautiful picture of servanthood!

Beautiful picture of a helping where you can!