By John and Beaj Reed 

Women volunteers helping to carry away rocks from the outpaitent building demolition

Imagine being a part of an entire community uniting to voluntarily work on the same project?  We had the amazing blessing of being a part of the entire town of Egbe coming together to help in the demolition of the old Out Patient Department building of Egbe Hospital.  One week 400 plus volunteers from the community tore down the walls of the building.  We were blessed to participate in the carrying away of the foundation the following week.  John helped knock down pillars with a sledgehammer; other men broke up the foundation itself while the women – including Beaj – carried away the pieces of concrete in headpans!  It was incredible to be a part of such a huge work team as they joyously worked so hard in the heat and humidity!  The top picture gives a small glimpse of the women at work.  Several times the town has come together to help either with the revitalization of the hospital or with the repair of the hospital’s water system which required a massive recontruction!

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