Written by Abby Anderson

Prayer board

In May 2012 we decided that we needed to be intentional with our prayer and to pray for the specific needs that we were seeing on the revitalization project.  So as a construction team we spent a Saturday morning creating the prayer list and writing it on a giant dry erase board that was then hung in the volunteer house.  As we began to pray, the most amazing things started to unfold…. we watched miracles happen! We prayed specifically for John Deer Tractor drivers to drive the tractor that was about to arrive on a shipping container from the US…the very day after the tractor was driven off of the shipping container in Egbe, a farmer and seasoned tractor driver arrived on a construction volunteer team.  Every single volunteer team from that day forward has had a minimum of 1 very experienced heavy equipment operator or mechanic.  At the very point when we were ready to start harvesting clay 1 mile from the dam site and build the earthen dam in front of the cement block wall, a professional dyke/dam builder who also owned an excavation company arrived from Cananda…we had no idea that he had this extensive experience until he arrived in Egbe! Mechanics arrive when we our fleet of vehicles need maintenance, Welders arrive when we need welding, Finish carpenters arrive when we need furniture built, someone who can sew arrives when we need the cushions for the furniture made, plumbers arrive when there is plumbing and tile setters arrive when we are ready to tile.  All of these construction volunteers sign up months in advance and when they arrive, God makes sure that we are ready for them….we couldn’t possibly plan that on our own!   2 weeks ago Mark and Will had a deep discussion about how to get through building the new OPD with our cement mixer on the verge of collapse, the next day a visitor arrived and donated his cement mixer to be used….mark’s reply ” I haven’t even had the chance to pray about this yet!”

God hears our prayers and YOUR prayers.  He knows our hearts and our needs before WE even know what they are….what an incredible God we serve. Thank you for your prayers and support; you have no idea what God has done and is doing here in Egbe as a result of your faithful prayers.  We have yet to change our prayer board….it remains on the wall in the volunteer house and as we continue to see the miracles unfold we say a prayer of thanksgiving that we are able to participate and be a part of what He is doing