From the blog of Abby Anderson

Filter beds built and plastered

So much is happening so fast I can hardly keep up with it! 

Here is a whirlwind update on the Dam/reservoir over the last month.

1. We have built 2 new filter beds

2. The filter bed interiors have been plastered and sealed

3. The cement Dam wall has been plastered and sealed.

Clay harvesting

4. The cement Dam wall was sealed with a kiss

5. Over 40 truck loads of clay was harvested from the clay field and transported 1 mile to the Dam

6. A clay earthen dam has been completed in front of the cement Dam wall.

7. A new pump house has been constructed

New pump house built

8.. The main water cistern has been pumped out and chipped clean by hand.

Sounds almost done right?  Nope….. there is still a lot more work to be completed!

1. Installation of the new pump system

2. Installation of the plumbing for filter beds and cistern

Dam wall done!

3. Lay 2km of new pipe from dam to hospital compound