Visiting Doctor Saves a Life

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From the Files of Abby Anderson Driver Stephen at the wheelTragedy struck the family of one of our Egbe Hospital Revitalization teammates recently and we reached out via facebook for prayer. We want to thank all of you who heard our request and offered prayer and support. Our driver Stephen’s wife was pregnant after years of [...]

Being Led by God

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By Dr. Christal Duncan, OB/Gyn Medical Volunteer Dr. Duncan with Mrs. Babawarun Almost 2 years ago my husband Mike and I went on a mission trip to Togo, Africa. When we returned we knew that we would go again in the future, we just didn’t know when.  I had thought that we would [...]

Excerpts from the Wagner Chronicles

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ECWA Hospital Egbe Eye Clinic By Brett Wagner, Optometrist (Brett spent three weeks at Egbe where he chronicled some of his experiences.  Following are a few excerpt's from his blog; reprinted with permission.) Today was the second day of clinic, where I have been taking notes on the clinical efficiency, getting an idea of the [...]

Have a Heart for Egbe

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By Sanjana Kantayya and Shaylee Heckler Have a Heart Campaign My family served in Egbe from 2000-2003, calling ECWA Hospital Egbe home. I was young during our time in Egbe, but I owe so much of who I am to those beautiful experiences. It broke my heart to see the hospital slowly falling [...]

My Egbe Experience

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Suzanna with Dr. Louis and Anne CarterMy name is Suzanna Davis, and I had the amazing opportunity to serve at Egbe hospital for about 2 weeks. A little bit about how I got to Egbe, I am currently a senior in nursing at the University of Tennessee.  I was raised with a worldly perspective and [...]

Love: Living out our Faith

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By Stephen Wu (Stephen is a university student who served three weeks in Egbe under SIM Canada) Stephen Wu The trip from Abuja to Egbe was 9 hours by car. Our skillful driver dodged cows, other cars, and potholes.  When we finally arrived in Egbe, we met the 3 long-term missionaries that work [...]

Surgery Team, July/August 2012

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By Carmen Marflak Carmen, Nurse AnesthetistAnother amazing trip to ECWA Hospital in Egbe, Nigeria!  Before giving an account of the trip, let me give you some history of the hospital and an update on what is presently happening. Dr. and Mrs. George Campion (SIM) founded the Egbe Hospital in 1952, and ever since then the [...]

The Time Was Right

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  By Margie McCreery My mission trip to Egbe, Nigeria, was nothing short of wonderful.  I had wanted to go on overseas mission trips in the past, but the timing never worked out for me.  I had heard about the Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project from Don and Sueanne Campion for several years and [...]