The Box Talks!

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Imagine being 114 and having met the very first missionaries to the Egbe area, Reverend Tommie and Ethel Titcombe.  According to hospital and missionary staff, this lady who is still as sharp as can be was able to share about the things of the past. She remembers when Tommie Titcombe came to Egbe in 1908 [...]

Toyin Jimoh, E.H.R. General Manager

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Meet Toyin….our E.H.R. General Manager. Toyin was born in Egbe and was raised like every other kid in Egbe at the time. He went to school but never finished, the need to help the family put food on the table was more important. “ I really didn’t see much in my future,” Toyin says. He [...]

Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Missionary’s Mother

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By Jolene Eicher Jolene with daughter Patrice My eyes are glued to the pot holed road ahead. My grandchildren and their parents sleep.  My heart hammers with anticipation and uneasiness. It's my first time in Africa. Ayo is driving the nine hours to my daughter and son-in-law's mission field - ECWA Hospital Egbe, [...]

Sunday The Gardener

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  From the blog "Miles in Missions" His name is Sunday – the Gardener. You will know him when you come to visit Egbe because he wears bright floral pants. You can see him as he walks throughout the compound mowing the lawn – his bright pants distinguishing him from the other workers. He has [...]

Returning to Egbe for a Third Time

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Volunteer and Missionary Teams I had the wonderful opportunity to return to Egbe for the 3rd time in August, 2014 to help with the revitalization of the hospital compound.  Each year I have gone, I have been with an amazing group of people.  They have been skilled workers such as electricians, medical volunteers [...]

Ebola in Nigeria

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From the Files of Miles In Missions... The world was awakened to Ebola several weeks ago when our fellow SIM friend Nancy Writebol and SP worker Kent Brantley contracted this horrific disease. It seemed like anything I read on Facebook was about Ebola. Since then we were relieved to hear that all our SIM friends [...]

Why Travel So Far To A Rural Hospital?

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This young lady is 20 years old and was admitted to Egbe Hospital with vomiting over a period of many months. She traveled from Lagos, a large city a five to six hour drive from Egbe. Her father is a pastor. She had seen many doctors and had many tests but no diagnosis was made [...]