Memories of Nigeria 2015

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Excerpts from Dr. Christal Duncan’s notes We have now been to Egbe, Nigeria, 3 times in the past 3 years. It’s beginning to feel like home. When we were driving from the airport in Abuja, Nigeria, to the guesthouse to spend the night before the full day trip to Egbe, I felt like we were [...]

The Case of the Disgusting Bubbles

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From Jen's Journals Oh the fun of bubbles! What great memories I have of blowing bubbles to entertain many different kids. Kids I babysat for, kids I taught in Sunday School, my nieces and nephews, kids I worked with in Mexico, Honduras, India, and China. Always the response was somewhere along the spectrum of joy. [...]


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From Jen's Journals Silent tears were creeping down her face, springing from bloodshot eyes weary from crying herself to sleep the night before. Her thin young body was stretched out on the bed in a melancholy manner, and sitting next to her it was hard not to be drawn into the sadness that engulfed her.  [...]

Changes and Transformation

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By Margie McCreery The progress of the ECWA Hospital, Egbe revitalization is going strong and the changes that I see from year to year have been amazing.  I have had the opportunity to volunteer for a couple of weeks the past four summers and it has been exciting to see the advancement of the revitalization [...]

Alone In The Box – Update

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From Jen's Journals You may remember that Daniel was born a twin and came into this world way too early. His twin brother died after 48 hours, and honestly, I thought Daniel was destined for a shortened life as well. With our limited NICU equipment (we have an incubator and an oxygen concentrator), and my [...]