Egbe, Kogi State, Nigeria Revisited

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Thank you to the Campion family and the ECWA Egbe Hospital Revitalization Team for enabling me to spend another 2 weeks at the Egbe Hospital site. I think the team members used me gently because I was the senior member on this trip. I bet there are a lot of other 79 year olds [...]

Makutu-Isanlu, Kogi State, Nigeria Revisited

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On Sunday morning, Oct. 22, Rev. Femi Joshua, whom my wife Ann & I met in 2011, & Rev. Osasona Emmanuel picked me up for a 2 day visit to Makutu-Isanlu, the town that was my home for the first six years of my life. Ann & I had spent a Monday afternoon in [...]

Reflections of My Journey

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September was a month that I've been thinking about for years. Since my first mission trip to Honduras in 2014, God placed a huge burden in my heart for the unreached. However, I want to rewind this story a bit further and be completely honest with you. Since I began high school, I've been so [...]

Courage To Live!

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The atmosphere in the exam room was somber as both wife and husband silently considered the implications of the medical plan I was explaining. It involved at least seven months of frequent visits to the hospital, monitoring of mom, monitoring of baby, tests, medications, admissions, risk, an unsure outcome; expenses loaded on expenses for [...]

Celebrating Milestones at Egbe Hospital

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In October we travelled to Egbe to join the local chiefs, community leaders, and hospital staff in dedicating a new mortuary located on the hospital premises. This celebration marked a key milestone for the hospital and the community. The chiefs glowed with gratitude and pride that the town of Egbe could now offer a [...]

#Giving Tuesday – The Power of Giving

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#GivingTuesday is a day where millions in North America join with those around the world to further the impact they are making in their communities at home and abroad. Egbe Hospital provides a lifeline in rural Africa for the suffering who have no place to turn for healthcare, surgery or maternity needs. In the [...]

Turning Impossibilities into Possibilities… One Shipping Container at a Time

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In 2011we faced what seemed like an impossible task. How were we going to get supplies and equipment to rebuild Egbe Hospital located in a very remote area miles from any port or major city? That task became even more daunting when told “You’ll never get a container into Nigeria.” And yet, it was [...]

Sharing About Our Experience in Egbe

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We recently had the privilege of a travelling to Nigeria to visit our son Ben, who had been working with SIM at the ECWA Hospital in Egbe. What a wonderful trip this was! Although we had travelled a lot to different countries, we had never been to any in Africa. So this was a [...]