The beginning of a new year is a natural time to pause and reflect on both the accomplishments as well as to consider the potential of the coming year.

2016 was an extraordinary year of growth for the revitalization ministry as we saw the dental clinic unveiled, the isolation and children’s wards completed, the commitment of several new missionaries, and our impact on the surrounding community deepened and strengthened.

Much more than just a list of accomplishments, I think of the faces of those who were a part of the stories written at Egbe this year. The apprehension mixed with excitement at that first dental procedure. The unrestrained joy at a glimpse of that tiny heartbeat when hope seemed lost. The relief of a parent whose child receives treatment for a life threatening disease.

It is the people whose lives have been impacted that are the motivation behind the revitalization. Because of your support and generosity, thousands of lives have experienced Hope and Healing in Jesus’ Name at Egbe. The coming year will bring its own challenges and successes and we are so grateful to have your partnership in the effort.

Some of our top priorities for 2017 include working with the missionary and hospital staff to:

  • Communicate the ongoing missionary need for a Chief Operating Officer/Hospital Administrator, Director of Nursing, Ophthalmologist and Dentist – would you consider serving?
  • Construct a morgue, upgrade the eye center, complete the recreation center and complete the security wall around the compound
  • Install a simple computer system as we support the development of best practices to ensure sustainability
  • Support the ongoing maintenance and renovation of the hospital grounds, buildings, vehicles and fuel for electricity

You are an essential part of the stories that are still to be written in the coming year. Find out more about how you provide Hope and Healing to the thousands of people who will come to Egbe in 2017 on our website and our social media platforms including Facebook.

Thank you for being the support behind the scenes!