The TIV people are the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria. We have a small TIV camp about one hour away from Egbe that suffers from severe poverty. Their camp is across from a stream that can only be crossed during dry season. Otherwise you have to use a small rope bridge. The small stream is their only source of water and most live in huts. They have a four room elementary school and they have hired four teachers to teach 150 children.

We recently did a HIV/AIDS outreach with Pastor Alabi of the Spring of Life Counselling Center located at ECWA Hospital Egbe. We were able to screen over 120 people and only two were positive. We also provided worm medication to 150 children while giving them each an exercise book and pencil. Nurses that were visiting from the U.S. were able to take blood pressure and other vitals of 45 people while our pastors counseled each person. We saw about five with very high blood pressure, one pregnant woman who hadn’t felt her baby move in many days, a women with severe burns, and an older woman who seemed to have severe heart problems. All were referred to the hospital for further diagnoses.

We were really worried about the older woman with likely heart failure and offered to take her back to the hospital with us but she refused. We truly didn’t believe any of them would come as the hospital is over one hour away and they are very poor. We did our best through an interpreter to tell them the possible severity of their cases and that they really needed to come and see a doctor. We all prayed that they would come. To our surprise, 6 have come. An HIV positive patient came for treatment. The older woman with heart issues stayed overnight, was put on treatment, and will come back for check up in a month. The pregnant mother came and,  praise the Lord, all is well with her baby. One came for her eyes and saw our eye doctor at the clinic. The last two came because their blood pressure was so high. They were seen and put on treatment. We are excited about this new relationship we have established with this camp and look forward to see what God is going to do.

Adapted from MilesInMission

Egbe hospital doctors and patients