In 2011we faced what seemed like an impossible task. How were we going to get supplies and equipment to rebuild Egbe Hospital located in a very remote area miles from any port or major city? That task became even more daunting when told “You’ll never get a container into Nigeria. And yet, it was a must because we needed vehicles, building materials, tools and medical equipment so the team of missionaries, nationals and volunteers could tackle the rebuilding of a 32 acre complex.  Stepping out in faith, we invited many of you to partner with us with funds and donated equipment and we began to pack the first container.

Six years later, 23 forty-foot containers have arrived safely to Egbe Hospital, Nigeria, turning the impossible into the possible.  Each container represents the partnership of so many … those who have donated construction and medical equipment, helped pack and load  the container in south Florida, helped clear the container through the busy Port of Lagos, unpacked and inventoried the container contents in Egbe.

That partnership has offered a lifeline, enabling us to supply and support our missionary team and hospital staff.

banyan team loaded container for egbe
loading container for egbe

Teammates from Banyan in South Florida pack each container

Each of the containers underlines the truth ‘with God all things are possible” and stands as a testimony to the impossible.   Located throughout the complex, the emptied containers provide equipment storage and serve as little shops across from the hospital. We also used an insulated container for the morgue and another made a great clubhouse in the recreation area.

containers of supplies at egbe

Containers become storage for workshop

container made store egbe

Shops across from hospital

morgue container egbe

Specially outfitted container for morgue

Club house in recreation center

Club house in recreation center

Capturing the miracle of each container, one of our Nigerian volunteers writes:

“The sound of the arriving container is like the sound of blessings, we are always excited to help offload the container, ignoring the stress and intense consumption of energy in lifting and carrying loads with a smile on our faces. It’s also a great dimension of miracle that will definitely reflect in revitalizing our hospital and Egbe community at large.”

Thank you for making that miracle possible! Together we are impacting hundreds!

Revitalization Project Team