In October we travelled to Egbe to join the local chiefs, community leaders, and hospital staff in dedicating a new mortuary located on the hospital premises. This celebration marked a key milestone for the hospital and the community. The chiefs glowed with gratitude and pride that the town of Egbe could now offer a respectable and modern facility enabling relatives some time to plan the funeral. Moreover, this morgue may be the first of its kind in Nigeria – using a refrigerated retrofitted shipping container built into the walls of the mortuary. Many of the visitors had NEVER in their lives experienced cold so they called it, “American Magic.”

Egbe Chiefs
Don, Suanne and Egbe Chiefs

Chiefs see the facilities first hand and return to their clans to share the news.

Egbe Refrigerated Morgue
Egbe Hospital Morgue

Community leaders entered the refrigerated section of the morgue and premises

The installation of solar street lights also marked another innovation milestone. We installed the lights by the guarded gates that come into the hospital complex enhancing security on the compound. Additional solar options are planned in the future.

Tractor lifting scaffolding
Solar lights at Egbe Hospital guard gate

Using ingenuity to install the solar lights 20 feet up enabled the lights to shine 30 feet each side of the gate

Volunteers at Egbe Hospital

Volunteers serving alongside our missionary team taking a break to go to a local wedding

As we look ahead, remaining goals include:

  • Renovate an existing building for a conference/instructional area, administrative and accounting offices, medical record archives and storage
  • Purchase and install stabilizer for the compound to ensure a steady electrical current and prevent power surges which cause significant damage to medical equipment
  • Purchase orthopedic and surgical instruments along with a new operating light for Operating Room #2
  • Remodel the Eye Center Building and replace old eye equipment
  • Purchase and install back-up sterilizer for the operating theater

Throughout this season of Thanksgiving, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to so many who have partnered with our team to revitalize Egbe Hospital.

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