Reflections of My Journey

September was a month that I’ve been thinking about for years. Since my first mission trip to Honduras in 2014, God placed a huge burden in my heart for the unreached. However, I want to rewind this story a bit further and be completely honest with you. Since I began high school, I’ve been so consumed with my career and future. Life was centered around me and Jesus stayed in the background. The extremely short story ends with this: He never stopped pursuing me. The Lord has been so patient and faithful with every step, and my trip to Honduras gave me a desire to glorify Him with my life. I started pharmacy school later that year and I realized that I wanted Christ to direct my steps in my career path, no matter what that looks like. It was then that I began toying the idea of becoming a medical missionary. Because I felt like I needed experience on the field before graduation, I wanted to take a trip during my five week break between rotations in my fourth year of pharmacy school. The Lord knew the desires of my heart and allowed me to learn about SIM at a medical missions conference I attended last November. The application process and field placement went smoothly and God opened the door for me to serve in the pharmacy at ECWA Hospital in Egbe!  He also proved His faithfulness by using various individuals to provide for my huge financial need. The Lord funded my whole trip in exactly FIVE weeks!! This was the start of my journey and I am blessed to say that I entered the field with so much support, prayers, and encouragement. I am so thankful.


In the beginning of this trip, I asked God to reveal a glimpse of His plans for me post-graduation and I promised to do anything and everything He asked of me to do. However, when I reached the field, I found out that the pharmacist left months prior, leaving the pharmacy to be run by pharmacy technicians and community health workers. I was told that I would be considered the pharmacist for the month I was there. This left me mortified, wondering how a student like me could take up a challenge like this! However, God continued to be faithful (surprise surprise!). During this time, Dr. Jen, Grace Komolafe, and I were able to expand the hospital’s formulary, teach the pharmacy staff, nurses, and medical residents, and help improve the pharmacy’s organization and ordering practices. The Lord also gave me opportunities to pray for and encourage my patients, which left me the most fulfilled. He also showed me how deeply he loves by allowing me to spend time with C.A.R.E Africa and HELP orphanage. The Lord also showed me the beauty of sincere, authentic worship by allowing me to spend time with Martha Bradford and her students at ECWA’s music academy. My desire to use my talents for Christ grew as I watched the students dedicate their time to develop the skills that God has given them. It was also a sweet time building friendships with individuals around my age for a change! Through these experiences, the Lord revealed to me that though seeds have been planted, discipleship is needed! Meeting individuals like this throughout my journey continued to encourage and remind me that God’s power and love for us has no boundaries.


The best part about this trip were the relationships I made with the wonderful missionaries that I worked with and Nigerians that I met. My heart hurts while writing this because it was difficult leaving people that I grew to love. In all honesty, I’m still processing this trip and trying to comprehend why God sent me specifically to Egbe. He is still revealing His direction for my future, but my desire to walk in obedience has grown. I don’t want to waste my life focusing on myself and my comfort, but His will and direction for my life.

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  1. Marty Scott, RN January 18, 2018 at 11:28 pm - Reply

    I am very blessed by your story of sincere obedience to God’s calling; your witness of His faithfulness enabling you to do and be more than you thought possible; and the difference you made in the pharmacy, formularies and ordering practices that remain after you left. May God continue to lead you, grow you and bless you as you follow Him in trust, empowered by His Spirit for the sake of Jesus’ Kingdom.

    • Priscila Shibu January 19, 2018 at 6:13 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Your comment made my day 😊 Jesus is so faithful and He continues to keep & fulfill His promises!

  2. Heidi Jessurun January 19, 2018 at 6:54 pm - Reply

    I’m so glad your time at Egbe went so well, Priscilla! We pray others will follow you and contribute with their unique gifts in the future. We’d love to discuss possibilities for future missions involvement when the time is right. Thanks for sharing your time at Egbe… And for this story!

  3. Samuel Fogbonjaiye January 22, 2018 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience at Egbe. Your smiles and passion for God’s work at the pharmacy is appreciated. We love you and willing to have you come back, as God gives you direction. Keep serving God.

  4. tai. isaiah September 19, 2018 at 5:50 am - Reply

    We thank GOD for sim right from inception and we bless GOD for delivering and liberating the then Sudan from darkness through the light of the gospel of which we were beneficiaries. We pray that anywhere of the then Sudan where the Gospel has not been heard. May such areas be delivered by the word of GOD. We thank GOD for our missionaries. May GOD remember your labour of love to mankind in JESUS NAME.amen.

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