I am usually at Egbe International School early each morning to quiet myself before the kids start arriving. Monday morning I was standing at the back of the school watching the sun rise, and I heard a young child humming ‘10,000 Reasons’ I turned to see one of my MKs (missionary kids) gazing at the same sunrise. I gave him a quick hug, and went into the school. I knew that on my music playlist I had a kids version of that song (thanks Mark!). I paired the Bluetooth speaker to my phone and let the music take over.  I watched this little guy as he started singing along to the music. Within minutes the rest of the kids came, and we were all at the back of the school, singing ‘…the sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning, time to sing Your praise again…’. Needless to say, we have played that song every morning since. We grab our brooms and as we sweep the front steps to the school, we praise!


Adapted from Borody Updates