I never wanted to be a nurse. It didn’t cross my mind. I don’t know what I wanted to be or do but it wasn’t nursing.

Then God called me. I was scared, mostly of failure, I certainly didn’t think I was smart enough or compassionate enough. Let me be honest, I liked people but I didn’t really love people. When I gave over control to HIM and submitted to HIS will and HIS calling, I asked for one thing- Father, I’ll do it, but you have to help me, I can’t do this without you, use my hands, guide my feet, but most of all fill my heart with YOUR compassion. HE did and HE is.

Over my nursing career He has taken me through thick and thin and sent me traveling across the globe. I have held hands while people pass from this earth, wiped tears, I have seen new life come into the world, rejoiced, cried for the hurt and shed tears of joy, I have held a mother who lost their child too early from this earth and celebrated with a family who was told their child was going to be ok after hours of compressions and life saving measures. Sometime I leave my shift thinking how was that even possible, but it wasn’t possible, it was God.

God sent me to Africa to show me what HIS love looks like, how to totally get lost in the care and service of others for the sake of JESUS. I thought He took me to Africa to help them… haha, no He took me there to teach me how to love like HE does.

He has taken me to Mexico and back to Africa again. I cannot tell you the amount of medical and supernatural miracles I have witnessed and been a part of in my short time as a nurse.

J. Goins