Over the past months we have celebrated the incredible progress at Egbe Hospital with new buildings, equipment, good water supply and electric generators that have enabled the hospital to care for 1,800 patients monthly.  As I consider other milestones, I’m reminded that the revitalization is SO much more than new buildings.  In fact, one of the most rewarding joys has been empowering the Egbe Team through training.

Whether it is one-on-one training for nurses in anesthesia, doctors receiving extra training in surgical techniques or department managers participating in leadership courses, staff development and training has been a major focus of our missionary and hospital management teams.

Well trained, compassionate doctors, nurses, and technicians sharing the love of Christ can use their medical knowledge and skills to save lives for many years – not only in Egbe, but throughout Africa. Students enrolled in the School of Nursing and Midwifery located on the hospital campus take their skills to other hospitals, clinics and community health centers. Construction and maintenance staff who have labored to build new buildings, service equipment and maintain a fleet of vehicles and generators, have gained new skills in different trades.  All are empowered through training.

Your support to Egbe Hospital offers hope and healing to patients who often don’t have anywhere else to go.  Your gifts have made possible the growth, training and empowerment of the staff giving them tremendous opportunity toward a good career.

Thank you for being a part of this awesome ministry. If you’re interested in learning more, donating or joining the team, follow us on Facebook or visit our website.

Serving together,

Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project Team
SIM Project #96214

Egbe Nurses anesthesia training

Nurses receiving training in anesthesia

CPR Training at Egbe Hospital

Resident doctors participating in CPR training

Dental hygiene at Egbe Hospital

Developing more skills in dental hygiene

Egbe School of Nursing Training

Providing instruction to students of the School of Nursing

Egbe Medical Staff

Medical Staff spending time together studying the Word

Revitalization staff supporting Egbe Hospital

Revitalization staff gaining more skills to support the hospital and campus