Over the years we have had numerous volunteers and missionaries serve at Egbe Hospital, making up an incredible tapestry of people with medical expertise, construction, maintenance and organizational skills, and those with huge hearts just wanting to serve where needed. While all have come from different backgrounds, they all leave Egbe with a common thread – amazed at what God is doing, deeply touched by the warmth and welcome of the Egbe people, and challenged in their own journeys.

Joanne, a medical student participating in SIM Nigeria’s internship program who visited Egbe Hospital, expresses it this way:

The experience that I’ve gained is unforgettable, but the staff is incredible there. I felt so welcomed and challenged spiritually by different staff members. What I’ve noticed with all the staff members that I was able to engage with was that they all truly love God with all their heart. The reason why they are in medicine and healthcare is because they want to use medicine as a tool to reach those who are vulnerable, broken, and hopeless. The staff uses the skills that God has blessed them with to ultimately glorify God, and that is what my goal is. At Egbe Hospital, I’ve learned how to be a great and patient doctor while glorifying God at the same time.

Medical missions is a vital piece of the puzzle – and it is the reason our missionary and hospital teams work each day to save lives, train staff, and share the Gospel. Listen as physicians from Egbe, Jos and Kano share the impact of medical missions in Nigeria.

Produced by Communications Specialist Lenny Miles, SIM Nigeria

We grateful to God and grateful to YOU – the many people behind the scenes who have made the revitalization of Egbe Hospital possible. It is with hearts full of expectation that we embark on the next chapter, working with the leaders of ECWA and SIM to the rebuild, remodel, and re-equip the schools of nursing and midwifery located on the hospital compound.

As we transition toward this next chapter, we are in need of several key missionaries that we are praying God will call to serve at the hospital. 

  • Hospital Administrator/General Manager of Hospital
  • Construction Manager for Nursing and Midwifery School revitalization
  • Surgeon
  • Family Medicine Physicians
  • Nurse Educators

Will you pray with us for these positions to be filled so the work will continue to move forward?  If you are interested or know someone that may want to hear about this wonderful medical ministry, please contact us.

As Dr. Joseph, Medical Director of ECWA Hospital Egbe shared, “Partnership with the missionaries – whether volunteer or resident – is one of the keys to sustainability of the hospital.”

Dr. Atima Mayor of ECWA Eye Hospital, Kano added, “We are praying that those who are called will come, and we really need them. If they come, we really, really will be grateful to God.”

Thank you for your ongoing commitment.  Meet some of the special people that have served faithfully as missionaries and volunteers at Egbe this year.