In May of this year, the voices of 100 people could be heard as hospital staff, nursing students, and community members sang in unison “we thank you Lord”. Gathered together in an open field in Egbe, Nigeria, voices were raised in praise during an impromptu ground breaking ceremony marking the anticipated School of Nursing Revitalization.

Since that day, work has begun on the site that will house 3 new dormitories, an administrative building with study hall, dining hall, kitchen and laundry, matron’s housing and a sports field.  Under the direction of our national construction foreman and an engineer firm from Abuja, the red earth was staked to show the locations of the various buildings, and cement poured to prepare the foundations for the dormitories.

What will the Nursing School Revitalization Project encompass?

  • New infrastructure as noted above on a site across from the current campus
  • Remodeling buildings on the existing school campus for classrooms and staff housing,
  • Purchasing new school equipment and furnishings
  • Recruiting a missionary construction manager and nurse educators, and hiring additional national staff

How Can You Make a Difference?

  • Join us in praying for all the above needs
  • Invest financially in this project
  • Be an advocate for this wonderful ministry
  • Share our need for missionaries including a chief operating officer/hospital administrator, general surgeon, family physician, construction manager, nurse educators
  • Volunteer your time on one of our short term trips

This past year we have witnessed the results of your generosity and prayers which have impacted hundreds of lives in the Egbe Community through excellent medical care in a loving, Christian environment. Thank you!

This next step in the Revitalization Project is yet again a huge leap of faith as we work with the hospital, nursing school and community leadership to ensure that the school’s motto is realized:

To train Christian Nurses who are highly dedicated, respected, disciplined, and enabled to serve in ECWA Hospital Egbe and different parts of Nigeria in mission, government and private medical establishments. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of the ECWA Hospital Egbe medical complex.