We have just returned from another productive trip to Egbe, Nigeria, with a large team of volunteers. Some have served in Egbe before, and for others it was their first time to Africa. Each of them were touched by the warm greetings of “You are Welcome!” expressed frequently by our Nigerian friends and colleagues.  The community is overjoyed that we would come from so far away to help build, train, plan and share.

Q: I am not a doctor, nurse or construction manager, so what would I do if I came on a trip to Egbe Hospital?

A: So much!!!

Those interested in coming on a trip often ask, “I am not a doctor, nurse or construction manager, so what would I do if I came on a trip to Egbe Hospital?” Our answer —  So much!!  On this trip, none of the volunteers were doctors or construction managers yet, together with our team on the ground, we were able to move the revitalization forward. Their number one skill?  A willing heart and hands to help. Let me share a few projects the volunteers worked on …

Solar panel installation Egbe
Solar panel installation Egbe 2

Four members of the team installed 90 solar panels and the controllers throughout the hospital to power the back-up batteries used when there is no country power.

Optometrist at Egbe Hospital
Optometrist lab at Egbe Hospital

Some of the volunteers worked with the Optometrist to install new eye equipment in the hospital’s Eye Center that had arrived on a shipping container a month earlier.

Egbe Chapel Sunday worship
Egbe Chapel new sound system

Previous groups had tiled and painted the Chapel located on the hospital compound. On this trip we installed a sound booth with digital mixer, new speakers, microphones system and keyboards in the Chapel.

Sven volunteering at Egbe Hospital
Banyan teammates volunteering at Egbe Hospital

Others organized and labeled the inventory of parts, tools, and equipment and serviced the hospital incinerator, vehicles, back hoe, construction equipment/machinery and motorcycles.

School of nursing planning
School of nursing construction

We reviewed electrical plans and material lists for the new School of Nursing dorms, study hall and dining hall that are currently under construction.

Nursing staff lecture
Egbe Hospital Nursing Staff

They gave lectures and clinical demonstrations to the nursing staff and 100 nursing students.

Egbe Pharmacy Staff Meeting
Egbe Pharmacy Team

They worked alongside pharmacy staff to provide lectures, training, develop new procedures and explore opportunities.

And equally important, the volunteers took time to get to know our missionary team and their ministries, to go to distance villages to observe the dental, HIV and mobile health clinic outreach programs, attend church in the village, pray with patients at their bedside, work alongside the hospital and workshop staff… and simply appreciate the culture and life in Africa – visit the Palace, the King and the chiefs, the village market, Fulani camps of the cattle herdsmen, orphanages, and hikes to enjoy beautiful scenes.

Egbe leaders with revitalization volunteers
Egbe volunteers with children

Returning home, our volunteers shared their thoughts… “Since I got back, never a day goes by without me thinking of my experiences there”. “We learned so much and enjoyed seeing Egbe first hand.” “It was a great pleasure and blessing to be part of this great commission!”

Consider how God can use you as we continue with the revitalization of the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery located within the Egbe Hospital complex.  We’d love to have you join us on our October 2019 trip.

Thank you for your interest, your prayers and your partnership in this huge project that is bringing Hope, Healing and Training to such a remote area of Nigeria.