It was wonderful to be back in Egbe, Nigeria, earlier this month with a team of volunteers to see the progress on the revitalization of the ECWA School of Nursing and Midwifery, Egbe, and to support the team at Egbe Hospital through planning, training, budgeting, and staff development.

Highlights of the trip included:

Egbe's new chiefs

Every October, the community declares one day as Unity Day to reinforce unity among the chiefs, clans, and citizens of Egbe. The celebrations also recognize those that have made a big impact on the community and others they wish to honor as chiefs. On October 12th, two members of the Revitalization Team, Moses Igunnubole, Revitalization Project Consultant, and Betsie Campion Smith, Revitalization Project Coordinator were honored with Chieftaincy titles by the Elegbe (King) of Egbe for their service to the community. Betsie’s Chieftaincy title, Yeye Oba of Egbe Land (mother of the King), acknowledges Betsie’s 10 years of commitment to the rebuilding of Egbe Hospital and through her title also honored her grandparents, Dr. Albert and Lola Helser, 3rd General Director of SIM, whom the Elegbe worked with in his youth.

Chief Betsie Campion
Egbe Drummers

The ceremony included drummers, singing, dancing, and many speeches throughout the five-hour event.


Egbe Hospital Sterilizer

A back-up sterilizer was installed for the operating theater, which arrived on a container six months ago awaiting a volunteer with the installation skill.

Egbe Advisory Board

Our team participates in the hospital’s advisory board meeting and each trip we celebrate the accomplishments with the hospital and nursing school staff with slide show presentations.

Surgery at Egbe Hospital

We welcomed PAACS surgeon Dr. Benjamin Malikidogo for a visit to explore joining the team at Egbe Hospital.

New Dorm Construction

Three large dorms for the nursing school are nearing completion

Administration Building Construction

Administrative building with study hall and a second building with dining hall, kitchen and laundry.

The existing  buildings currently used as classrooms and dorms will be repurposed into more classrooms, offices, demonstration rooms and upgraded to serve a population of 300 students for years to come.

We invite you to download a copy of our Fall Newsletter and consider how God can use your gifts and talents in the revitalization of the School of Nursing. Join us in praying for crucial personnel at Egbe: Chief Operating Officer/Hospital Administrator, Construction Manager, Nurse Educators, and Family Medicine Physicians.

Thank you for your interest, your prayers, and your partnership in this huge project that is bringing Hope, Healing, and Training to such a remote area of Nigeria.

Partnering with you to make a lasting impact.

Enjoy some other pictures of our volunteers hard at work:

Backhoe Egbe Volunteer

This donated backhoe has been a huge blessing in all the construction

Canadian Volunteer Cooking

A Volunteer from Canada sharing a new recipe with the kitchen staff

Organizing Egbe Warehouse

Organizing the warehouse in anticipation of the next shipping container

Repairing Hospital Beds

Repairing the hospital beds

New Egbe Hospital Signs

Installing new signage around the hospital

Canadian Volunteer Caring for Patient

Canadian volunteer caring for the patients

American Doctor with Egbe Doctors

American doctor with the green shirt working with the resident doctors

Hikiing in Egbe

Hiking a large hill to enjoy the view

100 Pound Cement Bags

Delivery of nine hundred 100-pound cement bags

There is work for anyone called to serve with a “can do” spirit!