Egbe Hospital and Nursing School Revitalization Project

It is always exciting to see the progress within Egbe Hospital, throughout the medical complex, and within the community! What a privilege to serve on a team with a shared vision to transform lives!

Four years ago, because of your partnership, Egbe Hospital opened a Children’s Ward and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to meet the growing need for specialized pediatric care. Today, children suffering from severe malaria, malnutrition, burns, dysentery, measles and so much more are receiving the care they need.   The stories are often heart-wrenching as one of our missionaries shared.

As I made my way around the Children’s Ward my last little patient had been badly burned from a cooking fire. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. This little guy was 7 months old. I was able to get a prayer spoken for him, but then left the ward quite quickly. I stood outside of the Children’s Ward and let the tears and questions flow. The nurses took me to another bed where a 2 year old had been tossed from a motorbike when hit by a car. Severe head damage. Again, I said a quick prayer and sat with the parents for a bit, but soon had to leave overcome by emotion.

The profound results of revitalizing the hospital are apparent everyday as patients come to the hospital. Similarly, the Revitalization of the School of Nursing will prepare young Nigerian nurses and midwives to serve in Egbe Hospital and beyond – taking their skills and experience to serve in villages and towns throughout Nigeria.

Your investment, partnership and compassion is bringing life-saving medication, new medical equipment and high quality treatment to the sick and weary, and providing training and development for staff.  Thank you!

Transforming one life at a time.

The donated Children’s Ward is a HUGE blessing to the hospital

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit offers life-saving care in incubators powered by batteries that are charged by solar panels

Twins are very common in this area of Nigeria