Support the Hospital’s Benevolent Fund

On our recent trip to Egbe Hospital in rural Nigeria, members of our team joined a local pastor and hospital staff to pray for and encourage patients at their bedside.  Going from bed to bed, we were struck by how great the need is. For many, the hospital represents the difference between life and death – literally! 

Over 2000 patients are seen each month at ECWA Hospital Egbe; many of whom are poor farmers, herdsmen or local merchants. For some, the only chance at life is to get to the hospital.  Often patients can only pay a portion of their medical cost, yet the hospital will not turn them away.  The Benevolent Fund helps patients with few resources to cover the cost of their medical care.  

Assistance from the Benevolent Fund has provided a life-line for patients like these:

  • A mother whose twin pre-mature babies needed to spend several weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. Without an emergency caesarian section to deliver the twins and neo-natal care, the twins would not be alive today
  • A 2 year old boy covered in burns from head to toe from a pot of boiling water that fell on him
  • A young man in a motorcycle accident that resulted in multiple fractures abandoned by the family in the hospital

These are just a few of approximately 100 patients that have received benevolent funds this year. The funds enable the hospital to remain financially solvent and enable the staff to provide excellent medical care.  Truly a blessing!

Your gift will save a life!  Will you help us double the number of people that we can medically treat each month?

Consider a special donation to the Egbe Hospital Benevolent Fund. See for details.

Thank you for making a difference in someone’s life.