Earlier this month staff and students of Egbe Hospital and ECWA Schools of Nursing and Midwifery joined together to sing  Christmas carols and reflect on the gift of Christmas,  one of HOPEboth for this life and for eternity!

Your prayers and financial gifts have brought JOY as the community benefits daily from the gift of a well-built, well-equipped 75-bed hospital that includes a compassionate medical team serving the entire region of villages, nomadic herdsmen, and remote settlements. Together, we are impacting 1,800 patients that arrive each month from 22 different towns and villages to receive life-saving treatment.

HOPE & ANTICIPATION continue as we make progress on the revitalization and new construction of the School of Nursing.

This phase of development provides an opportunity to prepare young nurses that will graduate prepared for a life of service in Christian healthcare for the next generation, taking their skills to serve in villages and towns throughout Nigeria.

I invite you to consider a tax-wise year-end gift to continue the momentum as a partner into the new decade.    

Click here to enjoy the December newsletter and to learn more about the Joy and Hope as a result of the revitalization efforts.

Merry Christmas from the Revitalization Project team and all the staff and students of Egbe Hospital and Schools of Nursing and Midwifery.