During these unprecedented times, we are united across the globe as we monitor the toll COVID-19 is taking on our communities. Currently, the number of reported COVID-19 cases in Nigeria remains low, and we are grateful that there are no cases in the town of Egbe. The state governor has limited travel to keep the towns and villages isolated, and Egbe Hospital and ECWA School of Nursing are taking every precaution.

The hospital management team is working with staff to protect one another and the patients. Staff is educating patients about the virus, hand washing, cough etiquette, and social distancing to support prevention, and they are delivering the message to the community through posters, public announcements, and radio to ensure that citizens stay informed. Spirits are good, but the staff needs Personal Protective Equipment and other resources in the event of an outbreak while they continue to care for the sick and needy, and the hospital remains open. Your partnership is needed now more than ever.

Hand Washing Station

Hand washing stations at designated gates

Following the directive of the Nigerian authorities, the School of Nursing is closed, sending hundreds of students and staff home for an indefinite period. Principal Maiye writes, “Presently, the virus has not gotten to Kogi State, but we request for divine protection and quick intervention to bring it to an end. We had time to pray together with the students before their departure.” (Pictured below) We invite you to join us in praying for these students as they scatter to towns and villages throughout Nigeria.

Nursing Students Praying

Student nurses praying before leaving school

Stay at home measures have also impacted the construction of the School of Nursing and the 100 tradesmen who have been employed on the construction site over the past year. We will adjust timetables as work on the three dormitory buildings, administrative building, and dining hall slows down or is halted, and shipping containers with construction material and equipment are delayed.

Despite the challenges, we are ever encouraged by the attitude of the Egbe community as they pray for an end to the virus and testify to the faithfulness of God in their lives. We ask you to join in the chorus of prayers. More than ever, your prayers, partnership, and financial support are needed.

Hand washing gate 1
Hand washing gate 2

Patients wash hands before entering the hospital at designated gates

COVID-19 Egbe Community Signage

Signage in the community to create awareness of preventing COVID-19