We love sharing good news in the middle of this pandemic. Egbe Hospital recently welcomed general surgeon Dr. Benjamin Malikidogo, his wife Carine, and their four children to Egbe! Dr. Malikidogo is a graduate of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) and brings his experience as the former Chief of Surgery at Banso Baptist Mission Hospital in Cameroon to Egbe Hospital’s Surgical Department. In typical Egbe fashion, members of the community and the staff of the hospital and Nursing and Midwifery School were on hand to warmly welcome the family with prayers, songs, and gifts. Join us in praying for the Malikidogos during this transition.

Mrs. Carine Malikidogo

Mrs. Carine Malikidogo, a physiotherapist, is an added blessing to Egbe Hospital as she works to open a physiotherapy department. We look forward to sharing success stories as the department takes shape, equipment is purchased and installed, and more patients are seen.

Students and staff of the School of Nursing and Midwifery face mandated closures as part of the COVID-19 restrictions. Hospital staff continue to diligently prepare their departments and implement strict protocols to ensure that staff and patients remain safe. Fortunately, recent figures show there are only a small number of cases in eight of the states that surround Kogi State; the closest case is reported in a large city two hours from the hospital.

PPE equipment and supplies are urgently needed for staff to respond to any cases. Your support is needed more now than ever.

In the town of Egbe, life is very difficult as food becomes scarce, incomes are lost, and travel between cities is prohibited. As you pray for God’s protection over your family and friends, we ask that you join us in praying for the staff of the Egbe Hospital, the Nursing School, and the people of Nigeria.

We value and appreciate your partnership.

Dr Malikidogo and Carmen Marflak

Dr. Malikidogo and WMM volunteer Carmen Marflak in one of two operating rooms

Dr Malikidogo and resident physician
Dr Malikidogo and resident physician 2

Dr. Malikidogo with family medicine resident physician assisting