How does one describe such an amazing experience in a few words…astounding is one word that comes to my mind.  What an honor to be a part of this incredible revitalization project in Egbe.  It is such a work of God and absolutely a joy to see His hand working amongst all those who participate from abroad and locally.  All that has been accomplished and all that is still being done is such a Big project that from our perspective is, and can only be, done by God’s divine hand upon it.

It is so clear that God has blessed this venture and given such a vision of all that is to be done here.  Between the beautiful full service Hospital facilities, including every department a North America hospital would have, to the nursing school that is being revamped, and the construction of a new complex with the best dorms, cafeteria and administration buildings is simply phenomenal.  The overwhelming unity of people coming together with a vision and purpose is so obvious and clearly one that God has put on the hearts of many.

Anyone looking to make a difference would certainly find it a Blessing to be involved in all that the Revitalization Project team and staff are accomplishing in Egbe.  I know we were so very blessed and hope to return and contribute even more!  Thank you for the opportunity to see how God is using so many gifts and talents among His people of all nations. Written by D. Cheveldayoff