It’s been a grueling week. But I trust God. Thanks for your prayers! I’m about to enter the isolation ward now.” That was the message received this week from the hospital’s nursing director as he cared for a patient under observation.

Thankfully, Egbe Hospital has not had any confirmed COVID-19 cases. Still, the number of cases in Nigeria has been increasing on average by 92 per day – adding to the already1337 confirmed cases at the time of writing. (A relatively low number due to minimal testing.) The hospital’s medical director’s main priority? – “Finding ways to keep our staff and patients safe with limited resources and minimal PPE.”

What does working with limited resources mean for Egbe Hospital?  

  • Training of all staff by members of the hospital’s Infectious Control Team
  • Demonstrations with PPE, most of which remain from the Ebola crisis
  • Providing face masks, gloves, sanitizers, hand-washing basins, and other universal precaution measures; focusing on public education
  • Making supplies on-site using tips from hospitals and mission experts around the globe
  • Reducing to essential services, restricting visitors, and limiting numbers into the Outpatients Department.
  • Constructing a small triage testing structure at the hospital entrance where every patient is questioned and professionally examined for symptoms before admission. Those showing signs are immediately placed in the isolation ward.

Other significant challenges faced by Egbe Hospital include:

  • Patient counts reduced due to restricted travel and loss of income
  • No testing capability and minimal treatment options (there are no ventilators in Egbe Hospital)
  • Scarcity of PPE and, if available, it is of poor quality coupled with rampant price gouging in-country and availability hampered by travel restrictions.
  • Fear of patients with COVID-19 at the hospital keeps others with medical cases from coming for care, which adds further financial stress.

These challenges are real. Please pray with us for the Egbe Hospital medical team as they navigate the unique obstacles posed by COVID-19 while continuing to treat those with malaria and other routine medical conditions. We praise God for good attitudes among the staff and their unwavering faith despite challenges.

If you can help. Would you consider providing funds for Personal Protective Equipment or assisting with the construction cost of a triage testing area where patients can be seen individually before coming into the hospital?  The cost of this building project is $8,000 and $5,000 for the equipment to protect the staff caring for infectious cases.

Your partnership is life-giving during this time of uncertainty.

A training demonstration using Personal Protective supplies remaining in inventory from the Ebola crisis several years ago.

Utilizing homemade and purchased masks for staff and patients.

Current triage testing station located at the hospital entrance.

This week we started construction of a new triage testing facility.

Will you consider partnering with the hospital staff to complete the structure in three weeks?