First: Many of you encouraged the medical staff and blessed patients at Egbe Hospital, Nigeria, by responding to our #GiveTuesdayNow appeal to help patients that do not have funds for treatment, but desperately needed medical attention.  Thank you!

Second: We shared the critical need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep Egbe Hospital staff and patients safe, as well as the need to construct a triage testing center where patients can be screened before proceeding into the hospital.

You answered…with notes of encouragement, prayers, and funds! Thank you!

With the financial support of the Egbe community and partners around the world, your compassionate generosity resulted in giving poor families access to critical medical care and enabled the team to construct the triage testing building in four weeks! We are so grateful!

The scarcity of PPE, coupled with significant price increases and travel restrictions, is making it very difficult to obtain and is adding stress on top of caring for patients.

If you can help further, would you consider providing funds to purchase solar panels and solar batteries that will power oxygenators for suspect COVID-19 patients kept in isolation while being assessed for the virus? A small gift goes a long way toward the $6,000 that is needed.

At Egbe Hospital, we often have urgent needs in the form of critical medical equipment that requires immediate repair, a broken generator that provides electricity, or a building that will make all the difference.

Thank you for your compassion and prayers during this time of uncertainty.

Your donations have enabled construction to begin on the triage and screening building. Enjoy a few pictures from start to near-finished.

Located at the front gate of Egbe Hospital to take the place of a folding table and umbrella where previous testing was performed.

We make our own concrete blocks on site.

A three-room building that will now be a part of the hospital in case of future pandemics or outbreaks of infectious diseases in the area.

Roof is constructed of aluminum pan sheeting material.

Completed in four weeks! Thanksgiving and Dedication ceremony took place on May 24th, and operations in the new building will commence this week. Your prayers and gifts in action!