The medical officers and resident doctors enrolled in the Family Medicine Residency Program have been at the center of providing care for all patients while developing guidelines for prevention and managing suspected COVID-19 cases. The hospital has been very successful in implementing policies to curtail the spread of the disease while caring for the community of 200,000 people in the region. The coordinator of the Residency Program shares some of the unique challenges.

“The physical and emotional stress of having to care for suspected COVID cases, while coping with the bottlenecks of getting tests done, is challenging. This, coupled with the suspension of the family medicine residency program examinations; delays in travel to outside resident postings; and the daily pressure of caring for patients knowing that any of them could be COVID positive as cases in Nigeria are on the rise. We remain confident that God will see us through. We are committed to serving God’s purpose in this mission hospital while trusting that our training will continue without avoidable obstacles until completion.”

We are grateful to YOU for your ongoing compassion and prayers during this time of uncertainty. Your donations have resulted in PPE being purchased in Nigeria and sent from the USA by container. Your partnership has also contributed to providing benevolence funds to an increasing number of patients who simply are unable to afford the cost of medical care having lost jobs and facing road travel restrictions.

Your donations continue to be a lifeline to providing care.

Please join us in praying for the resident doctors, nurses, and all the staff as they persevere together, responding to the growing needs in a hospital with limited medical equipment, electricity, and amenities.

Partnering together to impact lives one at a time,

This New Triage and Screening Center possible – It was built in one month. Now a nurse can screen patients at the hospital entrance before proceeding to the Out-Patient department.