Saving Lives Every Day at Egbe Hospital in Nigeria

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The medical officers and resident doctors enrolled in the Family Medicine Residency Program have been at the center of providing care for all patients while developing guidelines for prevention and managing suspected COVID-19 cases. The hospital has been very successful in implementing policies to curtail the spread of the disease while caring for the [...]

Children like Aliu Continue to Need our Help Amid COVID-19. Join us on this Special COVID-19 #GivingTuesdayNow!

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COVID-19 has affected us all. The realities are harsh for the people that Egbe Hospital serves in rural Nigeria. Due to the strict shutdowns in Nigeria, most people in the poor areas of the Egbe region are no longer able to work, resulting in a loss of income. They do not have the benefit [...]

Joyful Anticipation of the New Year – Egbe Hospital and ECWA School of Nursing Revitalization

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There is much to celebrate as we look at all that has been accomplished in 2019, the many lives impacted at Egbe Hospital, and the great anticipation of things to come as we revitalize the School of Nursing.  You have helped to make a visible mark in Egbe, Nigeria. There is an air of [...]

Sharing the Message of Christmas JOY at Egbe Hospital and ECWA School of Nursing in Nigeria

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Earlier this month staff and students of Egbe Hospital and ECWA Schools of Nursing and Midwifery joined together to sing  Christmas carols and reflect on the gift of Christmas,  one of HOPE – both for this life and for eternity! Your prayers and financial gifts have brought JOY as the community benefits daily from [...]

Help Us Meet the Growing Needs of the Patients at Egbe Hospital who Cannot Afford Medical Care

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Support the Hospital’s Benevolent Fund On our recent trip to Egbe Hospital in rural Nigeria, members of our team joined a local pastor and hospital staff to pray for and encourage patients at their bedside.  Going from bed to bed, we were struck by how great the need is. For many, the hospital represents the [...]

Extending Hope Beyond our Walls

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It’s hard to put into words the deep gratitude the Egbe people express for the tremendous progress made by the Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project since inception. For much of the hospital team and the Egbe community, the hospital represents a sense of hope and offers a tangible demonstration of God’s love. Recently, 96 people from [...]

Celebrating Achievements in 2018

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We join with Dr. Anthony Joseph, the Medical Director of ECWA Hospital Egbe to, “praise God for another year ending with wonderful testimonies for the hospital.”   We thank YOU, our partners around the globe, for your continued support which impacts lives daily. Highlights in 2018: 14,541 Out-patients, with 3,763 being new patients 1,634 In-patients 1,669 [...]

This Wandering Heart, Week 6: Egbe

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I wanted to write to update you all about my experiences as I traveled last week to Egbe to observe in the hospital there. Egbe is about 11 hours’ drive from Jos, and the group I traveled with split the drive down to Egbe into two days, with a night of rest in Abuja. [...]

My Experience at Egbe Hospital

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I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Egbe with a few other SIM short term associates during the month of July. My experience with Egbe was so amazing, and it was definitely worth the long drive! I was only in Egbe officially for about a week, but during that week, my schedule consisted of [...]