This Wandering Heart, Week 6: Egbe

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I wanted to write to update you all about my experiences as I traveled last week to Egbe to observe in the hospital there. Egbe is about 11 hours’ drive from Jos, and the group I traveled with split the drive down to Egbe into two days, with a night of rest in Abuja. [...]

My Experience at Egbe Hospital

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I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Egbe with a few other SIM short term associates during the month of July. My experience with Egbe was so amazing, and it was definitely worth the long drive! I was only in Egbe officially for about a week, but during that week, my schedule consisted of [...]

#Giving Tuesday – The Power of Giving

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#GivingTuesday is a day where millions in North America join with those around the world to further the impact they are making in their communities at home and abroad. Egbe Hospital provides a lifeline in rural Africa for the suffering who have no place to turn for healthcare, surgery or maternity needs. In the [...]

Talitha cumi (little girl, arise)

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“I just admitted another one! How many more times is this gonna happen?” Frustrated and needing to vent, I plopped down in a chair in my  co-worker’s  office having just admitted a 4 year old girl, Rachel, who was comatose. It wasn’t just malaria she was fighting against, oh no, her little body was also [...]

My Weakness, God’s Strength

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On my fifth trip into Nigeria, I expected everything to be, well, "normal" from the perspective of a 5th trip "veteran."  I expected to see suffering people, and bad infrastructure, and the failures and struggles of the Nigerian government.  So I was "prepared," but I quickly came face to face with the hurting in [...]