The Kindness of Strangers: Hope Comes in a 3D Image

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If you remember this young man Sunday who had a very unfortunate situation happen to him over a year ago. Being electrocuted yet surviving. Losing both his arms, and experiencing great damage to his right leg. There was a time that all he could do was lay in bed for many, many months, not able [...]

HOPE – A Strong and Trustworthy Anchor

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I stare at the little yellow slip of paper on my desk — the one that indicates there is a high enough level of hormone in her body — she may yet be pregnant. As I explain it again, reiterating that we still have to do an ultrasound which will be the final confirmation, she [...]

A Special Guest

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“Come on. Hurry up!” Keeping these thoughts to myself, I valiantly work at reigning in evidence of my impatience, but it’s a challenge! The slow in-take process seems to have stalled out and there is still a long line of nursing students waiting for health exams who stand between me and my plans for the [...]

The Balm of Compassion

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Babies curl into the fetal position out of reflex, but when a 75 year old male is permanently folded up, his arms and legs frozen in the contracted position of self-protection, something is clearly wrong. Skin so withered and thin it looks like I could wipe it away; he has sores overlaying every bony prominence [...]

Overflowing with Gratitude

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The stories just keep coming of lives impacted by your generosity and prayers. We’ve just returned from another busy trip to Egbe Hospital in Nigeria where we saw miracle after miracle.  I have been looking forward to sharing a few with you. Regions’ First Dental Clinic Opens at the Hospital South Florida’s Dr. Yolanda Cintron [...]