New Perspectives from our Trip to Nigeria

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My husband Michael served on a two week mission trip in Egbe, Nigeria in 2012. He returned from that trip a different man as God had done some amazing work in his heart. So when he asked if I would consider joining him on another trip to Egbe this past October I was surprised that [...]

A Song of Community – Egbe, Nigeria

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Theologian Henri Nouwen writes, “Our society encourages individualism. We are constantly made to believe that everything we think, say, or do, is our personal accomplishment, deserving individual attention. But as people who belong to the communion of saints, we know that anything of spiritual value is not the result of individual accomplishment but the [...]

This Wandering Heart, Week 6: Egbe

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I wanted to write to update you all about my experiences as I traveled last week to Egbe to observe in the hospital there. Egbe is about 11 hours’ drive from Jos, and the group I traveled with split the drive down to Egbe into two days, with a night of rest in Abuja. [...]

My Experience at Egbe Hospital

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I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Egbe with a few other SIM short term associates during the month of July. My experience with Egbe was so amazing, and it was definitely worth the long drive! I was only in Egbe officially for about a week, but during that week, my schedule consisted of [...]

Fueled by Compassion and Love

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Let me share with you one of the stories of lives changed because of Christ. While Sunday a young man was stopping to wash himself in the local way, which was to drop a rubber pail into a well and pull the water up and wash yourself. This particular day he tells me that there [...]

Return to Egbe

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It’s been five years since I first experienced the rugged, and sometimes delicate, beauty of Egbe, Nigeria.  What a joy it was to return!  To see and experience the incredible transformation at the hospital and all over the compound was amazing.  In addition to the administrative staff who worked out all the details of [...]