Nigeria Report – Return to ECWA Hospital Egbe

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During the 2 weeks I was serving at Faith Alive in Jos, Plateau State, the news and events surrounding the spread of Covid-19 prompted Samaritan’s Purse/World Medical Mission (WMM) to begin shortening the trips of short term volunteers that were overseas. I was scheduled to drive overland from Jos to Egbe, Kogi State, on [...]

Astounding: A Simple Word to Describe Much

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How does one describe such an amazing experience in a few words…astounding is one word that comes to my mind.  What an honor to be a part of this incredible revitalization project in Egbe.  It is such a work of God and absolutely a joy to see His hand working amongst all those who [...]

Return to Egbe, Nigeria, January 2020

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Shortly after I arrived, on my first day at the dental clinic, Gayus, the Dental Therapist, shared with me a letter he received that morning requesting he present a lecture to the first year nursing students and he asked me to participate in the presentation…we were to be ready at noon.  Each visit to [...]

Leaving Egbe with a Full Heart

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It is hard to put into words my experience as a first time volunteer at Egbe Hospital. I have had the privilege of knowing the Campion family for the past 8 years and I have watched as Austin Campion Smith has travelled back and forth from Nigeria with Don, Sueanne and Betsie Campion, each [...]

New Perspectives from our Trip to Nigeria

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My husband Michael served on a two week mission trip in Egbe, Nigeria in 2012. He returned from that trip a different man as God had done some amazing work in his heart. So when he asked if I would consider joining him on another trip to Egbe this past October I was surprised that [...]

A Song of Community – Egbe, Nigeria

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Theologian Henri Nouwen writes, “Our society encourages individualism. We are constantly made to believe that everything we think, say, or do, is our personal accomplishment, deserving individual attention. But as people who belong to the communion of saints, we know that anything of spiritual value is not the result of individual accomplishment but the [...]

This Wandering Heart, Week 6: Egbe

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I wanted to write to update you all about my experiences as I traveled last week to Egbe to observe in the hospital there. Egbe is about 11 hours’ drive from Jos, and the group I traveled with split the drive down to Egbe into two days, with a night of rest in Abuja. [...]

My Experience at Egbe Hospital

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I’ve had the privilege of traveling to Egbe with a few other SIM short term associates during the month of July. My experience with Egbe was so amazing, and it was definitely worth the long drive! I was only in Egbe officially for about a week, but during that week, my schedule consisted of [...]