Much Appreciation goes to the Volunteers that Endure the Long Rough Road to Rebuild Egbe Hospital and ECWA School of Nursing In Nigeria

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Since the start of the Revitalization Project, hundreds of volunteers from the USA, Canada, UK and the Egbe community have donated their time and administrative, maintenance, construction and medical skills to the project in the rural town of Egbe, Nigeria. The 7-hour drive from the airport to Egbe offers many [...]

Celebrating Your Support in 2019. Looking Ahead in 2020 – Egbe Hospital and ECWA School of Nursing Revitalization Project

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At the beginning of each year the staff of Egbe Hospital take time to celebrate the ‘big wins’ of the past year and look forward to the new year’s goals. Your support of the hospital’s revitalization in the form of financial gifts, volunteer service, and prayer - has enabled many of these ‘big wins’. We [...]

Joyful Anticipation of the New Year – Egbe Hospital and ECWA School of Nursing Revitalization

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There is much to celebrate as we look at all that has been accomplished in 2019, the many lives impacted at Egbe Hospital, and the great anticipation of things to come as we revitalize the School of Nursing.  You have helped to make a visible mark in Egbe, Nigeria. There is an air of [...]

Sharing the Message of Christmas JOY at Egbe Hospital and ECWA School of Nursing in Nigeria

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Earlier this month staff and students of Egbe Hospital and ECWA Schools of Nursing and Midwifery joined together to sing  Christmas carols and reflect on the gift of Christmas,  one of HOPE – both for this life and for eternity! Your prayers and financial gifts have brought JOY as the community benefits daily from [...]

Transforming Lives – One Child at a Time

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Egbe Hospital and Nursing School Revitalization Project It is always exciting to see the progress within Egbe Hospital, throughout the medical complex, and within the community! What a privilege to serve on a team with a shared vision to transform lives! Four years ago, because of your partnership, Egbe Hospital opened a Children’s Ward [...]

EGBE Community Names Two New Chiefs

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It was wonderful to be back in Egbe, Nigeria, earlier this month with a team of volunteers to see the progress on the revitalization of the ECWA School of Nursing and Midwifery, Egbe, and to support the team at Egbe Hospital through planning, training, budgeting, and staff development. Highlights of the trip included: [...]

The Roofs Have Been Installed on the Dorms!

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Each morning 80-100 workers arrive at the construction site located across from the hospital. The result is a flurry of activity and momentum as we forge ahead with the revitalization of the ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe in Nigeria. Today, the roofs of the three dorms (two female dorms each with 24 rooms and [...]

A Willing Heart with Helping Hands!

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We have just returned from another productive trip to Egbe, Nigeria, with a large team of volunteers. Some have served in Egbe before, and for others it was their first time to Africa. Each of them were touched by the warm greetings of “You are Welcome!” expressed frequently by our Nigerian friends and colleagues.  [...]

Extending Hope Beyond our Walls

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It’s hard to put into words the deep gratitude the Egbe people express for the tremendous progress made by the Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project since inception. For much of the hospital team and the Egbe community, the hospital represents a sense of hope and offers a tangible demonstration of God’s love. Recently, 96 people from [...]

HOPE – Sharing the Message of Christmas at Egbe Hospital

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Recently staff and students of ECWA Hospital Egbe, ECWA Schools of Nursing and Midwifery, and the George Campion Academy joined together for ‘Carols in the Valley’ – it was a time of celebration and singing Christmas carols to the sick throughout the hospital wards.  What a great opportunity to share the message of the [...]