The Vision Expands –A New Phase of Revitalization at Egbe, Nigeria

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In May of this year, the voices of 100 people could be heard as hospital staff, nursing students, and community members sang in unison “we thank you Lord”. Gathered together in an open field in Egbe, Nigeria, voices were raised in praise during an impromptu ground breaking ceremony marking the anticipated School of Nursing Revitalization. [...]

Many Faces of Medical Missions – Responding to Need – Touching Lives at ECWA Hospital Egbe

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Over the years we have had numerous volunteers and missionaries serve at Egbe Hospital, making up an incredible tapestry of people with medical expertise, construction, maintenance and organizational skills, and those with huge hearts just wanting to serve where needed. While all have come from different backgrounds, they all leave Egbe with a common [...]

What’s Been Happening in Egbe, Nigeria

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Our team returned from Egbe, Nigeria, earlier this summer where we were frequently asked to extend warm greetings from the Egbe Hospital and workshop staff, the missionaries and the entire Egbe community for your continued partnership in the Revitalization of the Egbe Hospital complex -a true venture of faith of which YOU are a [...]

Empowering through Training

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Over the past months we have celebrated the incredible progress at Egbe Hospital with new buildings, equipment, good water supply and electric generators that have enabled the hospital to care for 1,800 patients monthly.  As I consider other milestones, I’m reminded that the revitalization is SO much more than new buildings.  In fact, one of [...]

Egbe Hospital Revitalization – New Goals for a New Year

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Because of your partnership, we are excited to report that Egbe Hospital is becoming one of the best hospitals in rural Nigeria. Your support has provided construction materials, medical equipment, generators, vehicles, clean water, and electricity which have empowered the missionaries, hospital staff and the community to build a center of Hope and Healing [...]

Celebrating Milestones at Egbe Hospital

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In October we travelled to Egbe to join the local chiefs, community leaders, and hospital staff in dedicating a new mortuary located on the hospital premises. This celebration marked a key milestone for the hospital and the community. The chiefs glowed with gratitude and pride that the town of Egbe could now offer a [...]

Turning Impossibilities into Possibilities… One Shipping Container at a Time

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In 2011we faced what seemed like an impossible task. How were we going to get supplies and equipment to rebuild Egbe Hospital located in a very remote area miles from any port or major city? That task became even more daunting when told “You’ll never get a container into Nigeria.” And yet, it was [...]

Egbe Hospital Revitalization Ministry: Chiefs Visit the Hospital

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It was wonderful to be back in Egbe, Nigeria, again last month to see the progress as we continue to revitalize Egbe Hospital. Each time we return I am reminded of how God has used so many people to make an incredible impact in the Egbe region. Each celebrated milestone, new piece of medical [...]

Egbe Hospital Revitalization, Looking Ahead

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The beginning of a new year is a natural time to pause and reflect on both the accomplishments as well as to consider the potential of the coming year. 2016 was an extraordinary year of growth for the revitalization ministry as we saw the dental clinic unveiled, the isolation and children’s wards completed, the commitment [...]

The Doors Are Open!

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All of my life I have known about my grandfather and grandmother’s work in Egbe, Nigeria…and their love for the people there.   I didn’t get to spend a great deal of time with my grandparents….as they were living in Canada when I was growing up in New Jersey and then in Virginia.  But we [...]