Egbe Hospital Revitalization Ministry: Chiefs Visit the Hospital

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It was wonderful to be back in Egbe, Nigeria, again last month to see the progress as we continue to revitalize Egbe Hospital. Each time we return I am reminded of how God has used so many people to make an incredible impact in the Egbe region. Each celebrated milestone, new piece of medical [...]

Egbe Hospital Revitalization, Looking Ahead

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The beginning of a new year is a natural time to pause and reflect on both the accomplishments as well as to consider the potential of the coming year. 2016 was an extraordinary year of growth for the revitalization ministry as we saw the dental clinic unveiled, the isolation and children’s wards completed, the commitment [...]

The Doors Are Open!

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All of my life I have known about my grandfather and grandmother’s work in Egbe, Nigeria…and their love for the people there.   I didn’t get to spend a great deal of time with my grandparents….as they were living in Canada when I was growing up in New Jersey and then in Virginia.  But we [...]

Thankful for the Gift of Legacy

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This Thanksgiving the Egbe Hospital Revitalization Team, the missionaries and the community are reminded of one brave person that came to this remote village in Nigeria in 1908.  That first missionary was Tommie Titcombe who was later followed by a young doctor and his wife who constructed a simple hospital of mud buildings, opening its [...]

Reflections from a Family’s Trip to Egbe

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In October the Aaron and Michele Abbott traveled to Egbe with their four children, Blythe, Emma, Audrey and Oakes, to serve among the missionary team and hospital staff. They were asked to share some of their impressions following their trip. Read how they were blessed as they blessed those they served. Aaron: [...]

Overflowing with Gratitude

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The stories just keep coming of lives impacted by your generosity and prayers. We’ve just returned from another busy trip to Egbe Hospital in Nigeria where we saw miracle after miracle.  I have been looking forward to sharing a few with you. Regions’ First Dental Clinic Opens at the Hospital South Florida’s Dr. Yolanda Cintron [...]

Prayers of Thankfulness

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Upon arrival to Egbe guest house we were greeted with a welcome dance along with gifts of fruit, eggs, chickens and vegetables by the local ECWA church. There was so much laughter and warm greetings as the introductions continued, while women were being measured for new outfits for the special unity day on Saturday. We [...]

“There’s Never ‘Nothing’ to Do”

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It's 7:30 am on day two of the new Egbe Hospital Dental Clinic.  The staff is here as well as the 10 returning patients we sent home yesterday because we were overbooked (how American).  The people are fierce about their place in queue; having to live with the incessant waiting being part of the culture [...]

Miracle in Egbe!

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I never would have thought over three years ago I would be sitting in a dentist chair in Egbe getting my teeth cleaned. God is good and the people of Egbe no longer have to drive 3 hours away and pay transport to get their teeth pulled. From dental clinics donating equipment, hours spent researching [...]

What Happens When You Ask “How Can I Help?”

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One of the great privileges I have is to meet many people who after hearing about what God is doing at Egbe, Nigeria, ask, “How Can I Help?”  Those four words have resulted in a group of people around that world that pray for Egbe Hospital regularly, who volunteered, partnered with us, and donated supplies [...]