Donations may be made on-line or by check to the SIM office in your country.

ECFA Member LogoAll financial gifts for the ECWA Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project are tax-deductible. SIM currently has more than 1,600 active missionaries in over 50 countries and has been operating as an international Christian mission for more than 100 years.

Your Gift Is Saving Lives
Your gifts to ECWA Hospital Revitalization Project are providing compassionate medical care and bringing hope to the entire community of Egbe, and the 500,000 people in the surrounding communities. The Revitalized hospital is a lifeline for the suffering who have no place to turn for healthcare, surgery or maternity needs.

We Are Now In Phase 2!
Revitalizing the ECWA Schools of Nursing and Midwifery. This will expand the existing training of nurses and midwives to a new level – equipping Nigerian nurses to serve the growing needs in the Nigerian communities and throughout West Africa! Below is a list what we need.

Every gift counts – whether its $50, $500 or $5000 – it matters to the sick and hurting.

Funding Needs

$50,000 Cement bags to make cement block to build the new Nursing School
$17,000 A Tacoma pickup truck to reach remote villages to perform eye exams and testing
$15,000 Annual Cost of a 40 ft. shipping container from Miami to Egbe Hospital to ship medical and construction equipment and supplies
$15,000 Remodel a vacant wing into conference/training room, medical record archives and a large staff break and changing rooms.
$15,000 Installation of Solar Panels for charging batteries needed to power critical hospital services. Country power is unreliable.
$15,000 Classroom furniture and equipment for the New School of Nursing and Midwifery
$15,000 Security wall around the School of Nursing dormitory complex
$10,000 Upgrade the electrical grid on the hospital campus by installing additional voltage stabilizers. Country power is seldom on, and is also unstable.
$10,000 Medical teaching aides and textbooks for the Nigerian doctors in the Family Medicine Residency Program and training 110 nurses and 30 midwives.
$8,000 Backup sterilizer for the operating theater
$8,000 Diesel water pump for the Nursing School to have consistent water supply
$6,500 Upgrade of Computer Equipment with Solar Powered battery source.
$6,000 Critical Repairs to road and drainage on the compound to avoid continual erosion in the rainy season
$6,000 Send a team of electricians for 2 weeks to Egbe for them to install solar panels and rewire existing power backup systems.
$5,000 Two new cement mixers. Current diesel powered mixer is 20 years old and completely worn out
$3,000 3 Solar powered street lights for the hospital complex

Gifts In Kind

The ECWA Hospital Egbe and the Revitalization project have significant equipment needs (see list above). Contact us at if your company can donate equipment on the list below or resources for the eye clinic, HIV/AIDS clinic, operating theatre, laboratory, wards and Nurses Training and Midwifery School.