The Vision
Moves Forward

The Revitalization of the ECWA School of Nursing & Midwifery

In 1955 the ECWA School of Nursing was launched, followed by the School of Midwifery in 1977 – both with the mission of training nurses for service at Egbe Hospital and throughout Nigeria. Now 64 years later the Revitalization of the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery has begun!

The infrastructure, buildings and curriculum is being completely modernized but the vision remains the same – To train nurses who will provide excellence in health care while proclaiming the Gospel in Egbe, throughout Nigeria, and across Africa!

ECWA School of Nursing Future Site

Project Overview

  • Infrastructural development of a new piece of land including roads, drainage, water and electrical supply and a sports field

  • Build new student housing, administrative block, study and dining halls, laundry facilities

  • Remodel existing dormitories into classrooms and staff housing

  • Install new school equipment and furniture, modernize teaching aids, upgrade computer technology, completely refit student housing with new furniture

  • Recruiting missionary nurse educators, and hire additional Nigerian staff


ECWA School of Nursing Classroom
ECWA School of Nursing Dorm
ECWA School of Nursing Dorm Room


ECWA School of Nursing Dorm Aerial Rendering
ECWA School of Nursing Dorm Rendering
ECWA School of Nursing New Dorms