Education and Training

Family Medical Residency at Egbe HospitalFamily Medicine Residency Program

ECWA Hospital Egbe is a teaching hospital with a major focus on training family medicine resident doctors enrolled in the Family Medicine Residence Program. The hospital is presently accredited for Part I and Part II Family Medicine training by the West African College of Physicians and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. The Program has five Nigerian Family Medicine Residents. Graduates of the Residency Program will be equipped with the practical knowledge and skills needed to practice competently in any mission, academic or hospital setting. Doctors who received training in this hospital in the past have gone on to be some of the current leaders of Family Medicine in Nigeria.

Housing for consultants and resident doctors is provided on site in renovated homes. Multiple ‘on call’ sleeping rooms are located within the hospital. A Doctors’ Resource Center is fully equipped with internet service, audiovisual equipment for lectures, a medical library and electronic medical library. A recreation area with swimming pool and tennis courts is available for the resident doctors and their family for recreational relief and enjoyment.

ECWA School of Nursing studentsECWA School of Nursing, Egbe

Established in 1955, the ECWA School of Nursing was one of the first reputable nursing schools in Nigeria. Located on the hospital compound, its goal of training nurses for services at Egbe Hospital and beyond was furthered by accreditation in 2006 by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Today it continues to graduate nurses from all over Nigeria, reaching its goal of training Christian nurses for service at Egbe Hospital and beyond.

ECWA School of Midwifery studentECWA School of Midwifery, Egbe

Established in 1977 as Midwives Training School, the school was fully accredited as a School of Midwifery in 2006. Located on the hospital complex adjacent to the School of Nursing, hundreds of midwives have received commendation for their training from the School of Midwifery over the years.


ECWA Hospital Egbe is proud that doctors who received training in this hospital in the past have gone on to be some of the current leaders of Family Medicine in Nigeria and many students from the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery are working in health facilities throughout Nigeria.