Eye Center

Located at the front of the hospital entrance for easy patient access, the Eye Center includes a dedicated outpatient department, consulting room, operating room, recovery room, and male and female wards. Services of the Center include daily outpatient clinic, primary eye care outreaches to surrounding towns and surgical outreaches.

Clinic services include:

  • Eye exams, screening and referral of surgical cases
  • Dispensing medication and eye drops
  • Treatment for diseases and injuries
  • Refraction and dispensing eye glasses
  • Health education on eye care and hygiene
  • Eye surgery for surgical cases

Primary eye care and surgical outreaches extend to 5 neighboring states to screen for various eye conditions ranging from cataract, glaucoma, and refractive errors. Patients are referred to the Eye Centre for treatment, further examination and surgeries performed by an ophthalmologist as needed.

Outpatient services available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Eye doctor in front of eye glasses
Eye surgery at Egbe Eye Center
Eye laboratory in Egbe
eye exam at Egbe Eye Center