Bringing Hope and Healing to Nigeria, Africa

Five years ago it seemed impossible – but the progress has simply been amazing, and I’m excited to share what many partners have helped make possible in the Revitalization of Egbe Hospital.

Over the last 4 years hundreds of volunteers have visited Egbe for a couple weeks or months to work alongside new missionaries that now live at Egbe. With generous gifts we have rebuilt, re-equipped and staffed a team that cares for 1600 patients per month, and performs numerous life-saving surgeries in this 75-bed hospital.

We would like to invite you to partner with us in the vision of bringing medical excellence, compassionate care, and “Hope and Healing to thousands”. The vision is enormous and progress to date is nothing short of miraculous.

Let’s change lives together, enable children to survive, bring joy to those that have lost hope, and enable our staff to share the Gospel.

Making a lasting impact together,


Don Campion
Revitalization Project Leader