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Maintenance and Security Staff

ECWA Hospital, Egbe currently has a staff of approximately 120 including medical, administrative, and maintenance staff of the hospital. The goal of our staff is to provide excellent service while demonstrating the love and compassion of Christ to co-workers and patients.

Mr. Bradford, Rick
Mr. Bradford, RickHead of Department, Maintenance
Mr. Bradford, Rick has been serving in Egbe since July 2014 under SIM (Serving in Mission). He currently oversees the construction and maintenance on the hospital’s 33 acre complex. Mr. Bradford draws on his 30 year employment at Stelco Steel Company as a steel worker and supervisor, prior to joining SIM Canada as Regional Director.
Mr. Agboola, Peter Babatunde
Mr. Agboola, Peter BabatundeHead of Department, Security
Mr. Agboola, Peter Babatunde is a native of Ogbom, Yagba West LGA., Kogi State. He studied Statistics, Higher Diploma, at Kogi State Polytechnic. He served as a Soldier at the Nigerian Air-force, Ilorin & Lagos 1997-2007. He joined the hospital in November 2017 as Head of Security.