Missionary Opportunities

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an equipping ministry team to enable leaders at ECWA Hospital Egbe to revitalize the hospital, develop best practices and establish high standards of health care delivery. Opportunities are also available in non-medical positions to support the various ministries at Egbe. Consider serving for 6 months – 1 year or 2+ years. For detailed position specifications, contact betsie.campionsmith@sim.org.

Chief Operating Officer/Hospital Administrator
The Hospital Administrator/Chief Operating Officer will perform a ‘general manager’ role, responsible for the day to day operations and administrative activities that impact administration, staffing, technology, evangelism, facilities management and systems throughout the various departments to bring more accountability and teamwork; build a team culture focused on developing and documenting best practices and systems that produce an efficient and patient focused environment resulting in a hospital bearing an exceptional Christian reputation for good medical care; evangelism, finances, and facilities management.

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Construction Manager
The Construction Manager will manage all aspects of revitalizing the School of Nursing and School of Midwifery new-build construction and infrastructure upgrades; develop the construction plan and schedule with corresponding project budgets and timelines; oversee the hiring, negotiation of payment and management of work of construction employees, subcontractor construction crews and temporary workers; oversee the pricing, ordering, and purchasing of construction materials and supplies; adhere to Revitalization Project accounting, billing and documentation processes; work with the missionary and national Maintenance Supervisor; and provide leadership to Revitalization Project staff working on Nursing School Revitalization Project.

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General Surgeon
As Chief Surgeon, oversee all operating room activities of the hospital working in collaboration with the Medical Director and management team; coordinate surgery services; perform surgery alongside Nigerian physicians in training; provide consultation and instruction in preoperative and postoperative treatments and procedures; develop and maintain best practices to ensure a safe and sterile environment; ensure appropriate anesthesia protocols are established and maintained; oversee training on SIGN IM Nail System, participate in recruitment, training and leadership development of operating theatre staff and Nigerian surgeons.

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Family Medicine Physician
Reporting to the Medical Director, the Family Medicine Physician will participate as a member of the medical team to provide medical excellence and quality medical training to staff and Resident Doctors enrolled in the Family Medicine Residency program; focus on patient care, considering physical and spiritual needs; participate in recruitment, leadership development, training and clinical skills enhancement of staff; assist with the development and implementation of policies and best practices; demonstrate compassionate Christ-like care in the practice of medicine and patient-physician interactions.

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Director of Nursing Consultant
The missionary Nursing Director will work alongside the Nursing Director to help with system improvement in the areas of patient care and policy and procedure development; be involved in recruiting and training nurses; perform clinical work and liaise with hospital management and Schools of Nursing and Midwifery leadership.

The Dentist will help oversee the hospital’s new dental clinic, assist with equipment maintenance and use, recruit and train Nigerian dental staff, and develop best practices and systems for the dental clinic and outreach opportunities.

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The Ophthalmologist will assist in overseeing the Eye Center; give guidance on improvement of eye care delivery services; work with hospital revitalization team to obtain supplies and new equipment; and participate in staff recruitment, instruction and evaluation.

Nurses and Nurse Educators
Nurses with the following specialties are needed to support the nursing staff: registered nurse practitioner, operating room nurse, emergency room nurse, intensive care nurse, nurse anesthetist, pediatric nurse, and optical/ophthalmologist nurse. Qualified Nurse Educators are needed to teach in the ECWA School of Nursing to teach and disciple nurses to serve throughout Nigeria.

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The Anesthetist will oversee anesthetic care in the operating and recovery rooms; provide leadership development and training to increase staff technical knowledge; and develop safe protocols for anesthesia.

Laboratory Consultant
The Laboratory Consultant will work with the Head of Department to oversee the operation, leadership, administration, staff recruitment and management of the laboratory; develop, evaluate, and ensure documentation of laboratory operations and performance to ensure best practices and compliance with regulations; and foster an environment of collaboration, cooperation, accountability and teamwork.

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Biomedical Technician
The Biomedical Technician will oversee the hospital’s medical equipment; train staff to ensure that equipment is maintained, properly configured and functional; provide leadership development, and document and implement best practices.

The Radiologist will provide diagnostic imaging of patients to maintain a high standard of medical diagnosis; provide leadership development to support the expansion of the department’s capabilities; document and implement best practices.

The Physiotherapist will help establish a physiotherapy department; provide physiotherapy to patients with physical injuries or illnesses; counsel patients, and work with them to create a plan for rehabilitation; provide training to nursing staff and advice on best physiotherapy protocols.

The Teacher will come alongside current missionary teacher to provide quality education with a solid Christian emphasis to missionary and national children serving at Egbe Hospital, train Nigerian education professionals, implement innovative teaching pedagogy, and facilitate growth as the school transitions to a small international school. See here for more details.

Information and Technology (IT/Computer Support)
An IT person is needed to enhance and support the hospital’s network management, hardware acquisition, software development and database administration, and oversee the technical component of implementing electronic medical records management.

Maintenance Manager
The Maintenance Manager will work to recruit and mentor a national Maintenance Manager and Construction Manager for the hospital; oversee the operation, leadership, staff recruitment and management of the maintenance and security portfolios to support the maintenance of the hospital’s land, buildings, infrastructure, facilities, water, reservoir and electrical systems, equipment, and vehicles, and the maintenance of the residential homes and recreation areas located on the hospital campus. The Maintenance Manager will ensure that maintenance strategies and schedules are implemented, ensure accurate record keeping and inventory management, and liaise with vendors on parts acquisitions.

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Mechanic/Fleet Manager
The Mechanic/Fleet Manager will oversee all vehicle repair and maintenance of all compound vehicles and small engine repair; work with national staff in training, educating, part acquisition and creating best practices; coordinate travel for the hospital and missionaries.

Guesthouse/Volunteer/Housing Compound Manager
This role requires versatility in overseeing staff in the guest house, coordinating logistics, travel, food and accommodation for guests and volunteers, and overseeing missionary housing; working alongside the hospital to prepare homes for national doctors and residents; and manage the cleaning and maintenance of any vacant homes.

As we revitalize ECWA Hospital Egbe, patients and their relatives learn of the Good News and are impacted spiritually. As we pursue excellence in physical buildings, in our medical equipment and procedures, through patient care and exceptional staff, and through best practices, people witness the difference that quality makes even in a rural setting.
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