Progress On The Vision

PROGRESS. The Egbe community, hospital staff, Nigerian businessmen, donors, volunteers, and missionaries are transforming the complex. Great progress has been made, but more is needed.

  • A 12,000 square foot main hospital building with patient exam rooms, out-patient department, ICU, laboratory and x-ray has been completed.
  • Over 350 construction and medical volunteers from the USA and Canada have left their mark at Egbe and many Nigerians have served alongside them.
  • We now have ten missionary families living in Egbe and more on the way.
  • A new cell tower provides clear phone and internet access.
  • New power lines, generators and a water filtration system have been installed.
  • 18 missionary and staff houses are now renovated.

Revitalization Project: Before and After Photos

Move your mouse over the boxes below to view the before and after photos.

Houses Before

Houses After

Egbe houses after revitalization

Missionary and staff houses on the compound have been renovated including new roofs, structural repairs, new electrical, plumbing, kitchens and bathrooms.

Hospital Sterilizer Before

Hospital Sterilizer After

A new sterilizer has replaced a 20 year old model ensuring that surgical instruments and medical equipment are sterile, resulting in good patient care.

Laundry Facilities Before

Laundry Facilities After

Egbe laundry facility after

A new commercial washer and dryer in the hospital’s laundry facility replace a malfunctioning washer used to wash all the hospital’s bedding and linens.

Main Bathrooms Before

Main Bathrooms After

Egbe Hospital toilets before revitalization

New public washrooms with running water conveniently located near the hospital entrance provide easy access for patients’ relatives.

Laboratory Before

Laboratory After

Egbe hospital laboratory after renovation

Through partnership with World Wide Labs and the Barfield Foundation, new equipment was installed that greatly increases the number of tests available for diagnosis.

X-Ray Machine Before

X-Ray Machine After

Egbe x-ray machine after revitalization

Thanks to World Medical Mission, a portable and digital x-ray were installed in a specially designed room greatly improving x-ray diagnostic capabilities.

Medical Equipment Before

Medical Equipment After

Egbe Hospital new medical equipment

Containers bringing donated medical equipment including operating tables and lights, ultrasounds, and monitors has replaced outdated equipment and provides opportunities to train staff on new techniques.

Electric Generators Before

Electric Generators After

Egbe Hospital New generators

A continuous supply of power is vital to the operations of Egbe Hospital. The country power is extremely unreliable so to ensure the hospital has a continuous supply, three diesel generators were installed to provide power to the hospital and for the housing compound.

Wiring and Battery Backup Before

Wiring and Battery Backup After

Egbe Hospital new wiring and batteries

New wire was laid underground, new electrical panels installed throughout the entire compound. A battery power system now provides 24/7 electricity for medical equipment and constant 220 volt electricity in areas that provide emergency services.