Surgical Services

General Surgery at Egbe HospitalGeneral Surgery

The hospital has two recently upgraded operating rooms, one minor surgical room and a comfortable recovery room. A surgical consult room is also available for pre and post-operative reviews.


Orthopedic surgery at Egbe HospitalOrthopedic Surgery

ECWA Hospital Egbe offers SIGN fracture treatment; a renowned treatment producing faster recovery of fractures. Orthopedic surgery is provided by the surgeon on staff and visiting orthopedic consultants to treat adult and pediatric orthopedic injuries and elective surgeries.

Dr Christal OR StaffSpecialty Surgery

Visiting US board certified consultant surgeons with specialties in orthopedics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and OB-GYN provide consultative services and surgeries during specific periods. Community announcements are made to notify patients.

ECWA Hospital Egbe offers general surgery and orthopedic, ophthalmic and specialized surgeries through visiting Consultants.