Volunteer FAQs

Yes, a travel visa is needed to travel to Nigeria. We will provide specific information to assist you in applying for your visa, as well as provide you with a Pre-Travel Guide to assist you in preparing for your trip.
Volunteers depart from US locations and fly to Abuja, Nigeria, on either Lufthansa or Air France through Frankfurt, Germany, or Paris, France. Airport pick-up and overnight accommodation in Abuja is arranged, as well as transportation to Egbe on the following day. (Egbe is 7-9 hour drive from Abuja)
You will stay in our newly constructed guest house or one of the volunteer houses on the hospital compound in shared accommodation. Meals are provided.
Running water is available 24/7. Electricity is not reliable, but generators are used when country power is out. Internet is available but with some restrictions. Temperature is humid 85 degrees, landscape is hilly savanna, and English is spoken by most Nigerians.

Medical – Much help is needed as we continue to upgrade the hospital wards, and implement best practices. Qualified doctors/nurses can work under the Medical Directors leadership providing specialty teaching/training on patient care and use of equipment; work in out-patient department, on the wards, in the eye clinic, pharmacy or laboratory; inventory equipment, organize medical records. Specialized technicians also needed: lab, x-ray, ultrasound, biomedical, physiotherapy.

Construction – There is opportunity to do carpentry, welding, masonry, brick work, plumbing, electrical, excavation, vehicle and mechanical work, small engine repair, ceramic tiling, painting or completing the finishes in renovating/building missionary houses and hospital infrastructure.

Non-Medical or Non-Construction – Use your office or accounting skills to assist the Revitalization Office Manager. Support the Guest House facility, help in cleaning, organizing, sorting, labeling, inventorying equipment and tools, organizing data, training house help, sewing, or teaching skills. Participate in homeschooling, the Music Academy or CARE Africa.

Ministry – Volunteers can support the chaplaincy program; visit the schools of nursing and midwifery, participate in morning devotionals with staff; volunteer at the academy beside the hospital, teach a skill or class, provide an audio visual presentation, lead a short devotional or Bible study, fellowship with Nigerian believers; spend time encouraging and praying with hospital staff; support the MK school on the compound, support the Music Academy, participate in CARE Africa activities, visit the HELP Orphanage to encourage staff and orphans; participate in outreach.

The cost for airfare and visas are approximately US $2000.00 per person. In-country costs for transportation, accommodation and food vary depending on the size of your group. The volunteer is responsible for all expenses. You will be provided with a budget worksheet detailing the approximate cost.
Yes, proof of yellow fever vaccination is required to enter the country. We also recommend the following vaccinations: Malaria oral prophylaxis, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid Fever vaccine, Tetanus Diphtheria / Measles / Polio boosters, Rabies vaccine, and meningococcal meningitis. Consult with your health practitioner as required.
Travel health insurance coverage that provides for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains is required. Check with your current insurance provider to see if you will be covered overseas. Failure to obtain appropriate insurance puts your trip at risk.
Volunteers are able to serve at Egbe under SIM or World Medical Mission. Contact Betsie Campion Smith, betsie.campionsmith@sim.org to discuss your interest.